Dayblogging Arisia: Day 0

As expected, things went chaotic once I arrived here at the hotel. I’m pretty beat now, but the terminals are all running, we’ve run badges for a large chunk of the staff and guests, the kiosks are running fine, and folks seem to be happy. The reg team has been doing great, we did a ton of work today that didn’t -need- to get done, but I’m glad it did. For instance, we had a backlog of probably 200 address changes from bounced mailings. A couple of the reg team folks buckled up and entered all of them into the database. Yay!
OF course, now I’m exhausted. I’ve dumped out the database into a backup file, and copied the backup to my pen drive. We’ve shut down the terminals for tonight, and now I’m heading off to relax until we open at 2pm tomorrow.
I’m a little nervous about the state of hte hardware – some of the Gateways are being a little flaky, and the iopeners are being their normal odd selves. The Kiosk app needs some tuning, though JB and Joel H and some other folks gave some -very- good feedback on making the kiosk easier to use.
The proof will be tomorrow when we have hordes of folks moving through the kiosk lines and registering. Stay tuned!
Packing is complete! We have a lot of boxes and crates, but thanks to Steph and Dwight, we have a lovely minivan to haul it all. Lisa is helping me pack up and load, and things are going swimmingly. Only a little tired. 🙂
Off to load up and drive in.
Ung. A slow morning – not quite enough sleep (it’s a con, right? :). I have to take Z to school first, so I’ll make a stop at dunkin donuts en route to pick up some high test. The equipment is all laid out in the great room mocking me. I think I know how i’ll pack it all, just have to get crackin. Still have to take the seats out of the van too.
On the other hand, only 2″ of snow fell last night, and the sun is out now. It’s really quite beautiful outside.
Off to Framingham and back.

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