A Pleasant Car Dealer experience

How’s THAT for an unusual topic?
I bought my VW Golf TDI from Bernardi VW about 2 years ago, and I’ve been pretty pleased with the service and support they’ve been giving me. I had a broken FM antenna they fixed under warranty with a minimum of hassle, and have basically been pleasant to deal with.
I needed to get my rear center brake light fixed, as well as get the car inspected, so I gave them a buzz. They happily said I could come right over and they could do it on the spot. Excellent!
I drove over, and pulled into their receiving bay, handed over the keys, checked in, and with some trepedation, headed toward the traditional dull waiting area.
This time, however, I had my trusty IBM T40 Laptop with me, so I figured I’d get a little work done while waiting. Fortunately, there was a comfy table and chair set there, so I set up shop on the table, planning on doing some coding while I waited.
But, whats this? My little wireless indicator was on full green. “Huh!” – and lo, I was on the net! Bernardi has free wireless access in their showroom / waiting area. How cool is that?
I was online with no hassle, able to do mail, irc, and other goodies while waiting for the car to be done.
Of course, they did need to order a part, alas, so I’ll need to go back tomorrow to finish things up, but at least I know I’ll be able to geek while waiting.


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