Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy Adventure

Well here’s something convenient. Not only is it a cool lead in for the upcoming Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy movie, and not only is it a flash game that runs fine on Linux and Mac machines, but it’s nifty keano too!

This is an updated version of the original 1984 Infocom text adventure based around Douglas Adam’s excellent 5-book trilogy (though in fact when the game was written, I believe only the first 3 books of the trilogy had been completed).

Normally I’m not particularly thrilled about having to ‘flash up’ a text game to make it more modern, but in this case it’s done quite well, with a pleasant interface that doesn’t get in the way of the gameplay, as well as some interesting ‘views’ reminiscent of the graphics used in the TV series, coupled with the original ‘graphic adventure’ concept (still images with an interactive story line) that came out of the old text adventure games.

I haven’t gotten too far into the game yet, but so far it looks good. Do you remember how to get the babel fish?

Try the game on the BBC’s website.


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2 thoughts on “Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy Adventure

  1. yes – and i had to go do it again, just to make sure i knew. 🙂
    you will need (a) the junk mail from your house, (b) ford’s towel, (c) ford’s satchel, and (d) your dressing gown — but if you don’t have that by now, you couldn’t have gotten this far.
    also, not in that order. *grin*

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