Teacher lashes out at student for not standing for the national anthem

A Brick Township teacher lashed out at a student who wouldn’t stand for the national anthem. The teachers rant was caught in a cell phone video. The result? The student was suspended for 10 days, and the school is considering banning all cell phones from the school. The teacher has had no reprimand, and the school is considering pressing charges against the student.

Jay’s friend who was in the class at the time, Corey, says that their teacher had been strict in the past in demanding that students stand for the national anthem and pledge of allegiance. That’s why they brought in a camera – to expose the teacher in case he did anything again. “The teacher and school principals wanted him (Mantel) to press charges against us…they tried to blame it on us like it was premeditated, like we did it just to get him on tape, which is false. We knew he was gonna go nuts because he frequently used to” said Corey.

Link to the story, complete with video.

Update: – The full article at the Independent Media Center of Philadelphia has many more details. The commentary section is particularly interesting.


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2 thoughts on “Teacher lashes out at student for not standing for the national anthem

  1. That teacher definitely needs a break from teaching….but those kids sounded horrible too. I must be old.

  2. Well, on further reading, there was a comment that referred to a N J statute that does require students to stand and remove their hats for the Anthem and Say the pledge, which includes “under G-d”.
    One more reason to homeschool.
    I do, however,think the behavior of both involved was WAY out of line.

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