Snapshot of a coder’s brain while working…

Setting: headphones on, listening to Radio Paradise. The entire office is now empty, boss has left with a ‘lock up’ tossed back over his shoulder.
Said programmer is locked in a deep conversation with ‘hunter’, the laptop, which is at the moment doing many things, one of which is attempting to run a small program that asks the local webserver for a simple answer. P is the programmer, H is the anthropomorphized (only slightly) answers from the program.
P “Connect”
H “Error”
P “Connect”
H “Error!”
P “Why is that showing a null?”
H “Error.”
P “But you should have gotten an answer.”
H “Error.”
P “Well, what was in the response?”
H “null”
P “What? But you should have thrown an error.”
H “”
P “Owait, you were calling a servlet on a webserver. what was the HTTP response code?”
H “404”
P “Ah… HAH!”
H “Error.”
Such is the mental processes after 10 hours of Java hacking. Liberal delivery of nummy food to said programmer has been scheduled.

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