NYYC to host 100yr Rolex Transatlantic Challenge

With its entry list now final, the Rolex Transatlantic Challenge 2005, hosted by the New York Yacht Club (NYYC) with the cooperation of the Royal Yacht Squadron (RYS), is holding true to its promise of being one of the greatest sailing races of the 21st Century. On May 21, 20 entrants—ranging in size from 70 to 252 feet (21.3m to 77m) and averaging 112 feet (34.1m)–will set out on a course from New York to The Lizard in England, recreating the Great Ocean Race of 1905. In that historic race, the schooner Atlantic, skippered by the legendary Charlie Barr, set a record that has not been broken by a monohull in a race for 100 years.

For those who like sailing pictures, there’s a fantastic gallery of high resolution pictures of all the entrants available at the NYYC site. Full story at nyyc.org


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One thought on “NYYC to host 100yr Rolex Transatlantic Challenge

  1. Cool! I want to go!
    What a variety of sailboats.
    Right now, on the news, I’m watching live footage of the
    The Irving Johnson
    which has run aground outside Oxnard and is being smashed with the incoming tide. Very sad.

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