How far can they go?

More bad news from the runaway policies of the Bush administration.
A report by the TSA itself has said they were “not entirely accurate” when they were asked point blank about security issues. They’re not saying they lied, but every indication in the report says they did, in fact, lie through their teeth repeatedly.
Every time I find myself going “Okay, this is normally wavy stuff in politics, it’ll all correct itself, and things will balance out”, things go further and further off kilter.
Did you know it’s virtually impossible to find a currently-available sex-ed school book that is not “abstinence only”?
Did you know that piece by piece the US government is curtailing the first amendment?
Seriously, how much further to the right can this country go without a popular uprising?


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4 thoughts on “How far can they go?

  1. Regulaion of speech was inevitable once the courts ruled campaign finance laws were okay. There’s just no way to do it without regulating speech.
    The TSA is doing what the private comapnies that used to handle this did. I find it pretty digusting, but the TSA has been bullying and ineffective since it was created.

  2. The TSA is fundamentally a broken mess, and sufficiently lacking in oversight that it’s unlikely to repair itself. (And we know which team it plays for. Remember Teddy Kennedy getting booted off his flight because the TSA had him listed as a “risk”?)
    The answer – for god’s sake, don’t fly. Drive, if you can afford gas. Or take Amtrack, if you can manage to before Congress kills it.
    Or maybe just don’t leave home. The only answer to these policies – or, the only answer that matters in the World Of Bush – is voting with your wallet.

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