My first political bumper sticker.

I was cleaning out the back of my car today, preparing to install a new antenna and new dual band ham radio, when I came across a bumper sticker I had gotten SOMEWHERE, and never really got around to putting on the car.
I’m not a big fan of bumper stickers. They tend to look trashy. This one however is black with white lettering, and fit on the plastic fascia on my bumper, so in the future if I want to remove it, at the very worst I’d replace that piece of plastic.
I can’t find the graphic online for it, but here’s roughtly what it looks like. On the black car, it’s fine, and it really pushed my political “Yeah, this is EXACTLY what I think…” buttons, so I went ahead and put it on.

I like it.
UpdateRosa has the helpful hat today, and reminded me that those stickers came from her mom. Thanks Rosa’s Mom!

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