Booyah day!

Holy cats what a day.
Zach and I just got back from a great bike ride. This was the first chance I had to pull the ‘bent out of storage and get it prepped for riding. It was a little recalcitrant about getting up and working, but liberal application of chain lube and minor rerouting of cables, and things came together nicely.
We took the bikes over to the Assabet River Rail Trail and biked in a sort of see-saw ‘start in the middle’ pattern up and down and back on the trail. We went through the great tunnel under Rt 290, and made it all the way to Rt 85 just south of Hudson where it looks like the paving has ended.
I do know the paving goes the entire other direction all the way to the center of Marlborough, but Zach wasn’t up for that long a ride.
All told we did about 4 1/2 miles on an absolutely beyootiful spring day. It was cool enough that I didn’t even notice the heat I was generating, and warm enough that I didn’t get chilled, though I did have a sweatshirt on.
I’m thinking of some changes I want to do to the bike as the season ramps up. I think getting a real live functioning computer is going to be required (the first one I had was a Bikebrain (a great idea, btw, but a little pricy and as far as I can tell, no longer supported). The second was a wireless hand-me-down from a friend that really never worked well. I got a wired el cheapo one for my Giant Bike ($17. Whee!) which works fine, but I think I’ll need something El Geeko for the ‘bent.
Anyone know of folks doing the bike computer thing on a palm still? The only other one I can find is Bikini which seems pretty dated. If I can get something to run on my Kyocera 7135 that’s be great (since I’m carrying it anyway). Any pointers?
This was after a very intense 5 hour coding window today, where I really make some great progress on the project for my client. I got very into working some things that I had figured out together, and things just plain worked.
Tonight I think is going to be a relaxing evening, perhaps with an hour or two of Evil Genius.

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3 thoughts on “Booyah day!

  1. Hmm. I know a thing or two about that — maybe I should market my rally app as a bike computer.

  2. Mama Said There’d Be Days Like This

    Some days are better than others. Here’s hoping that a little of DBS’s productivity rubs off on Karan….

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