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I’ve just arisen from my death-like existence for the past 2 days, and it appears I’ve just about shaken off the evil cold that has had me in it’s grips since Sunday night. I wasn’t even able to read email for more than 5 minutes without getting woozy. Talk about tragic.
So, in a burst of “I’M BACK!” I’ve done a bunch of LONG needed updates to Planet-Geek and the MT Comments Counter:

  • Fixed the Comments preview function so it actually renders properly.
  • Revamped the color scheme in the individual archive view – so comments and their authors are no longer in that weird green tint. Not sure what I was thinking there.
  • CSS layout on individual archives and the main page were blocked wrong so it was very easy to have the ‘links’ sidebar disappear, relegated to the bottom of the page. This should be fixed so that sidebar will only move if you make your browser VERY narrow (comments on this please, I’m only evaluating with Firefox).
  • We still don’t have TypeKey support enabled, but we’re still working on it! Anyone who has suggestions on how to get it working properly in MT 3.14 I’d love to hear it.
  • On the MTC counter, I’ve changed from a single-image stream function to generating the graphic totally on the fly. This allows multiple-digit displays for very comment-heavy postings, as well as removing the need for a directory full of graphic images.

A good few hours of noodling. Check it out, let me know if anything needs tweaking, or if things just Look Terrible [tm].


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