Show us yer desktop!

This is sort of buzzing about in blogland, sort of the equivelent of a Livejournal Meme.
I’ve been chattering about setting up my KVM and how things finally turned out. Thought it might be nice for folks to check out my digs.
This is where I spend untold hours a day either coding, browsing, chatting, gaming, but for the most part doing what I do.
The laptop is my IBM T40, which is basically my entire online life 🙂 I do everything on it, from development, to email, to browsing, to chatting, to some gaming.
The Shuttle box has no name, and is a Windows XP box whose primary purpose is running high end games and doing the occasional Windows thing that I can’t do under Linux. At the moment, I’m doing some work for a company that is all Windows based, so I have to test / transfer my things under Windows on occasion.
There’s a hidden KVM that lets me switch the flatscreen monitor between the two (but nicely, while gaming, I can still keep the laptop screen open and see chat on IRC while I game 🙂
BTW, the laptop is open because I run mostly wireless, and the antenna on T40’s is in the lid. If I close it, the signal strength goes down to where I start getting performance issues, not to mention randomly hopping over to the neighbors un-secured WAP.
And yes, that is in fact a Rokenbok stand that is holding up my laptop and power supply. Normally my printer is under there, but it’s getting ready to go to Animeboston.

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