Animeboston Ho!!!

I’m gearing up for AnimeBoston, which runs this weekend at the Hynes Convention Center.
This is by far my biggest event, tripling the size of my next biggest event. We’re even renting hardware! This is the frist time I can’t provide all the equipment needed to make things work, so we’re working with Rent-a-PC to get a half dozen flatscreen monitors delivered to the hotel.
We start delivering things to the hotel tomorrow (Wednesday), with setup in the ballroom starting at 9am on Thursday morning. Registration opens at 5pm, and by that time we’ll have:

  • 3 Fargo Pro badge printers
  • 6 Operator terminals
  • 3-4 Administrator terminals
  • Server and console
  • Receipt printer for on-site registrations
  • 6-10 Kiosk terminals
  • Network and Power for everything.

Yay events 🙂

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