It’s very strange…

… visiting your old high school 23 years after you graduated. Seeing things you yourself built (“Wow, that’s still there. I wired that.”), seeing things you don’t remember (“Was that building there before?”), talking to teachers who still remember you (“DAVID SHEVETT!!! My goodness, you used to be so skinny!”), and talking to students (“Dude, I wasn’t even born then.”).
And even with all that, it’s still a beautiful place.

Dave Shevett


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4 thoughts on “It’s very strange…

  1. Lisa asks…
    Did you take pictures?
    I didn’t. I had the camera with me for a while, but for some reason the batteries go dead in it very easily, so unless I’m running right out the door to take some pics, I don’t take it with me.
    It is really gorgeous right now though, it’s very spring-like but still cool. Already got contacted by an old school-mate who apparently stopped by the school minutes after I was there. Weird. 🙂

  2. Wow. It IS a beautiful place and I do remember dave Shevat even though he was four years younger than me ( class of 1978 ). He was skinny.

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