KDE Handy tool tip – Easy screen resizing – krandrtray

Since I set up my T40 laptop with a dock and an external monitor, I have to frequently change the resolution from the laptops native 1400×1050 (yes, that high) to 1280×1024 (what my monitor can handle). Up til now I’ve been using the Desktop config tool to do this (right click on desktop, Configure Desktop->Display->Screen size. Whaddapain.
Folks on #kde pointed me to a handy little tool called ‘krandrtray’, which puts a small icon in your systray. Clicking on it brings up a pulldown menu (see above) where you can change many of your screen settings, such as resolution and frequency. Very handy!
I noted that krandrtray was not showing up in any of the menus, so it was a little tricky to find. I suggest using Alt-F2 to launch it, or just launch it from a Konsole.

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