Don LaFontaine on Wait Wait Don’t Tell me

My voiceover hero, Don LaFontaine was the guest on Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me. The show is available on the NPR website. The show is from 05-14-2005, so the ‘current’ link might not work. You can try this link. Don’s part in the show starts around the 18 minute mark.
Don LaFontaine is also known as the ‘Voice of God’ – or ‘The King of the Movie Trailer’. His is the voice most folks associate with modern trailers in the theater. Some refer to him as the “In a world…” guy – a phrase he actually ad-libbed at several years ago, and is now a mainstay.

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2 thoughts on “Don LaFontaine on Wait Wait Don’t Tell me

  1. Cool, I love his voice.
    We used to listen to WWDTM all the time, and I was almost a caller on the show one time — I applied to be a caller but couldn’t make the time they requested and they didn’t give me a different week. Oh, well.
    Oh, and we saw the show in person a few years ago when they did a taping in Boston. The coolest part was seeing Karl Cassell in person.

  2. I happened to turn to NPR while that was on this weekend. I laughed so hard I was worried I was going to run off the road.

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