Pictures from Maine

I’d like to do some more picture-sharing, so here’s a few I took last night during one of the first ‘clear’ sunsets we’ve had in weeks. Of course, as I type this, it’s thundering and raining outside (a set of storms moving through the area), but yesterday and today were great.

The lake is Horn Pond, near Acton

Pic 1
Pic 2
Pic 3
Pic 4

All images © 2005 Dave Belfer-Shevett


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5 thoughts on “Pictures from Maine

  1. Very pretty! The lack of a single “>” between the second and third images has mangled the LJ version completely, fyi.

  2. Gahh! you know I stared at that chunk of code for a good 10 minutes without seeing that, and the LJ error wasn’t helpful in pointing out where the problem was. Thanks for the analysis 🙂

  3. Some kid I picked up and put into the shot. “Yo, buddy, just sit there and you’ll get a lollipop.”

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