The New Deadly Sins

I think there should be a new set of ‘deadly sins‘ in the modern world. No religion or government or social structure would ever own up to these, since all are equally guilty of violating them.
My short proposed list (coupled with their appropriate Virtues)

Ignorance Knowledge
Anger Acceptance or Thoughtfulness
Hypocrisy Sincerity
Arrogance Humility

If more of the world (from politicians through the guy next door) would take their lead from the right column more often than the left, wouldn’t things be better all around?

Dave Shevett


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4 thoughts on “The New Deadly Sins

  1. I can’t buy into anger as a sin 🙂 It’s a perfectly sensible reaction to things really aren’t acceptable and can lead to change and “justice,” whatever that means.
    Apathy or intolerance are better opposites — or maybe disconnection (from other people who will suffer the consequences of your actions)?

  2. Of course just by calling these “sins” you are making a moral judgement, just like a religion.
    And knowledge? Not an absolute, as “truth” isn’t either; might align with arrogance!

  3. THe term ‘sins’ was an allusion to the original deadly ‘sins’, and was used for comparison, not judgement. You can lay whatever meaning on it you’d like, I’m certainly not defining someone elses morals – that’s a lot deeper into this than I was saying.
    And ‘Absolute Knowledge’? I don’t remember ever using the word ‘absolute’ anywhere in that post, so I’m not sure where that came from. Only a fool considers things only in black and whites, absolute poles, with no grey area between.

  4. No, I think you misunderstood me, but I do think you are describing what I would consider “morals”
    By using “Knowledge” as a “virtue” ( Moral excellence and righteousness; goodness..) I think you are describing opposites, and therefore extremes or absolutes. What kind of knowledge? Where was it acheived? Is all knowledge good? Which knowledge?
    Actually, I would equate “knowledge” with arrogance! But that’s just me…
    I thought this list was describing what you would like to see as pairs/ counterparts which I would also consider black and white. YOu did use the word ” coupled” and it seems you are using “sin” as the opposite of “virtue”
    Maybe I am completely wrong in what I thought this was about.
    Who were you directing these measures to/ about?
    You actually have included 2 of the 7 deadly sins in your list.
    Anger; and arrogance, which is basically the same as pride. Pride is the opposite of humility. Isn’t this is list of opposites, in your opinion?
    In comparing your list to the original 7 deadly sins, what are you comparing? I mean, I am not sure what you meant, maybe that is what I am asking here..but it seems to me to be all about morals, am I wrong?

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