Broadcast Flag struck down

As reported on Boingboing and sites everywhere, today…

This morning, the DC Circuit of the US Court of Appeals struck down the loathsome Broadcast Flag, ruling that the FCC does not have the jurisdiction to regulate what people do with TV shows after they’ve received them.

This is outstanding news. Means the schmucks who tried to kill digital video recorders just like they tried ot nix VCRs back in the days lost big time, and projects like Myth TV shall continue.

It’s very strange…

… visiting your old high school 23 years after you graduated. Seeing things you yourself built (“Wow, that’s still there. I wired that.”), seeing things you don’t remember (“Was that building there before?”), talking to teachers who still remember you (“DAVID SHEVETT!!! My goodness, you used to be so skinny!”), and talking to students (“Dude, I wasn’t even born then.”).
And even with all that, it’s still a beautiful place.