When Volunteer Organizations Go Bad

I’ve been following, with some level of nausea, the unfolding saga that is going on in the Texas VHF-FM Ham Society. This is a reasonably long-lived non-profit organization of ham enthusiasts that has, unfortunately, degenerated into a pissing match between members that has gone as far as bringing in lawyers and restraining orders.
In my book, if a volunteer organization goes this far down the road of distrust, antipathy, and downright hostility, it’s time to either split or disband and start over.
The ‘legitimate’ board has one website: TexasVotebyMail.info.
The ‘dissenters’ (primarily led by Jay Maynard) have another: GangofThree.info.
The accusations, pedantics, and general doo-doo-flinging going on on both sides is both entertaining and saddening.


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One thought on “When Volunteer Organizations Go Bad

  1. Don’t let the other folks define the terms you use. It is the folks behind the texasvotebymail.info site that are the dissenters, for they are trying to overturn a long-standing, working organization.
    Yes, it’s a sad situation, and I wish it hadn’t come to the point it has…but things can’t remain as they are.

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