Optimus Keyboard may be Real in ‘About a Year’

Everyone and their brother has been making noise about the Optimus Keyboard. A keyboard that has little OLED displays in each key, letting you display what they’re set for – in full color. Reconfiguring for Quake or Dvorak layout or just running pretty animations is all possible.
The problem was the original site was an art mockup of the keyboard – photoshopped to show what it might look like – basically a design setup.
Now it looks like it might actually happen. According to the article from Engadget :

A recent interview with Artemy Lebedev, founder and director of the Russian design firm working on the keyboard, sheds some light on the future of this device: they envision is as an “open source” keyboard, with an SDK and a “keyboard studio” application that lets users customize the keyboard any way they choose (sweeeet!). The company is currently negotiating with several different manufacturers to get the Optimus into production, and they”re hoping to see it getting into our hot little hands in about a year for “less than $200 to $300.”

I’m so there.


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