The Super Secret Mitchell Facts

I like to take the time to poke fun at establishments, and the ever twisted maze of the religion loosely referred to as “Christianity” is such an easy target, it’s sometimes hard to wonder where to start. It’s a never ending pile of suppositions, assumptions, and dogma stacked on folk tales and nomadic story-telling, which should be trivial to tear apart.
Well, someone has. Again 🙂 I give you the Super Secret Mitchell Facts.
T.H. Miller has taken years, slowly detailing all the inconsistencies in Christian dogma. All the holes in the stories and the paper-thin structures that hold this world-wide self-delusion together. A really good example of his detailed analysis is his essay on the nature of the judeo-christian god, and he speculates on why is it human beings feel the urge to create a mythical being in their lives for guidance.
I stumbled upon his works after subscribing to the excellent community Convert_Me, an intelligent forum for folks to discuss religion in an framework that is pre-disposed to “If you want to argue seriously about a belief structure, this is the place to do it.”


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