Overheard on Mythbusters

I get to watch a little TV when travelling – it’s a great ‘run away!’ space for me where I can avoid all the chaos that are conventions. Every once in a while I get to watch something that just leaves me cracking up everytime I play it over in my head.
While watching Mythbusters the other night (a great show no matter how you slice it), the topic was “Free Energy”. The boys decided to test several ‘free energy‘ offerings on the internet, and see if they actually work or not. Needless to say, all of the various offerings failed miserably in their tests.
In the “summary” part, where Jamie and Adam are ‘discussing’ the results of the tests (usually rather woodenly and obviously pre-scripted), Jamie (the more taciturn of the two) asks Adam (who is far more animated) “So Adam, does the all this talk about Free Energy make you feel all warm and fuzzy now?” And Adam, in a very matter of fact tone, replies “Sure Jamie. In fact, it reminds me much of things like the Easter Bunny and Santa clause, because it’s A FANTASY!!!” (the last line delivered in a loud voice directly into the camera.)
This show is definately one of the good ‘uns on TV nowadays.


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