iPod nano, 2 weeks later

Well, it’s been about two weeks since I got an iPod nano for my birthday, courtesy of my sister. A couple observations, and I’ll let this whole thing fade off into history…

  • It’s SMALL!
    No, really, it’s small. It’s easy to lose. I have a nice Ogio laptop backpack with an ‘mp3 player pouch’ on the top of it. It fits nicely into that, which gives me a good place to ‘always keep it’.

  • It goes FOREVER
    I have not had an opportunity to even come close to killing the battery in it. I’m not a power-listener by any stretch, but noting “Hm, it’s been 3-4 days. Maybe I should plug it in again” is a nice feeling.

  • The headphones are ‘eh’
    The stock white headphones are nothing to write home about. I have a set of Shure E2C earbuds that are mighty sexy, but take longer to just ‘pop in’. And because they’re sound insulating, its hard to just put them in and leave them in. Durned checkout drones are hard to understand when they say “For here or to go?”.

  • It works fine with Linux
    Thanks to the wonder of GTKpod, syncing from the laptop is a breeze.

  • Yes, the screen scratches easily
    Do not put these things in your pocket with your keys. The screen will scratch up terribly, as reported in The Register. Fortunately the carry spot in my bag has a felt lining, but when I’m carrying in my pocket, I choose a spot that has nothing else in it.

  • 2 gig is not enough
    I’m a disk space hog. 2 gig is not quite enough for me. I think the 4 gig version would be okay, but I could see myself doing the same thing there. “Not enough!” I see the attraction to a 40gig ipod.

Final thoughts? A mighty cool piece of equipment. Thanks sis!


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5 thoughts on “iPod nano, 2 weeks later

  1. 2 gig is not enough
    Exactly why I’ve been completely uninterested in either a mini or a nano. I have a 3rd generation 15 GB iPod that I got for my birthday last year, and it was one of the best presents I’ve ever gotten. iTunes sez: “5110 songs, 15:18:09:36 total time, 25.71 GB” and I’ve barely ripped any of my CDs yet. Er, yes, I do spend an insane amount of money at the iTunes music store, why do you ask? =)

  2. Space: you *are* a hog! I have a 20 gig iPod and have never filled it more than a quarter of the way, and that was with wonton carelessness 🙂 On the other hand, I don’t tend to listen to much music on mine, and even when I do, usually stick to a relatively small set of current favorites.

    Headphones: I *heart* my EC2s, althuogh you’re right that they don’t work for casual use. However, if you ever want to listen to your iPod on, say, the T, there is no hope for sound fidelity without them.

  3. Shayde,
    If you are having issues with the earphones, A company called Westone can make custom earmolds of your ears. You’d need to get an ear impression (I can recommend lots of folks in the Boston metro area), and they fit great, aren’t hard to remove, and match the color of the iPod (white).
    Let me know if you’d like a pair, and I can help you out.

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