Things you don’t hear anymore

While finally getting into some more serious coding, I had this thought. THings you don’t hear very often anymore, but were pretty common back in the day.
“A snack? Sure, let me just start this compile running, it’ll hopefully finish by the time we get back.”
Compiles I’m running now usually take less than 6 seconds, sometimes a larger build and deploy and initialize may run for 10-15 seconds.
Ah the good old… days?


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3 thoughts on “Things you don’t hear anymore

  1. Compiling our client-side codebase from scratch can take long enough for a leisurely snack. Most of that time is taken up compiling the tests, though (and that’s done with distcc).

  2. Compiling kernels (Linux or OpenBSD) can still take some time, as can compiling ports for OpenBSD.
    That’s about all I compile nowadays, and I don’t do it very often.

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