Which Thinkpad?

So I’ve been given the Okie Dokey to upgrade my laptop (featured here) to something with more memory and a faster CPU. The current machine is a T40 (1.2ghz, 768meg, 40gig). (although, for some mysterious reason, /proc/cpuinfo -always- says:

model name      : Intel(R) Pentium(R) M processor 1400MHz
stepping        : 5
cpu MHz         : 598.174

even though I’ve disabled all speedstep stuff in the bios.

ANYWAY. I need More. Running eclipse, jboss, firefox, evolution, and apache, plus most likely an Oracle instance means I need at least 2 gig of memory on the machine.

I’m totally confused by the Thinkpad lineup nowadays. I think what I want is a T43 maxed out on memory, but maybe I’m wrong? The only other thing I definately need is 1400×1200 on the laptop screen. I do enough work on the machine itself that 1024×768 is -right- out as a workable resolution.

Anyone care to untangle the mess that is the Thinkpad line for me? My requirements are:

  • 1.8ghz or faster
  • 2 gig of memory (I can start with 1 gig and upgrade later)
  • at least 40 gig of disk
  • 15″ display
  • On-screen resolution of 1400×1050



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2 thoughts on “Which Thinkpad?

  1. No. I think you’re right. A T43p mobile workstation really does sound like what you’re looking for.
    It meets all your requirements and has better resolution (1600×1200).
    Other than that, I’d have to agree that the Thinkpad line is confusing as hell.

  2. We’ve been buying the T42P. They’re supa-fast, and the screens are the nicest things this side of the 17″ power book.
    I’ll see if I can email some specs.

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