A bunch of geek work-at-home updates.

  1. Thanks to a little help from my friends, I have a new kernel running on ‘hunter’ (my T40 Thinkpad). I’m now running 2.6.13.
  2. It’s amazing how much better a 1.4gighz laptop works when it’s actually RUNNING at 1.4gighz. The old kernel was was forcing my CPU into ‘speedstep’ battery save mode fulltime. So I’ve been running at about 595mghz for the last 6 months. Everything is a lot faster now.
  3. Aeron chairs are very comfortable.
  4. A woot.com supplied monitor stand and keyboard drawer are an excellent addition to any desktop.

Now all I have to do is produce! 🙂


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2 thoughts on “Whodathunkit?

  1. Hey have you heard anything about Memaw Bonnie? Do you have a ph# for her? I can’t find a number, and I still haven’t gotten any letters back, though I have sent 3.
    I sure hope someone would tell me if something had happened.

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