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Back in the good old days, I thought one of the coolest jobs on the planet would be to run a video game store. You know, always have all the games at your fingertips, tons of cool toys, and everyone would come visit you and talk about games, gaming, and all the fun it was.
There may have been a slight element of self-delusion there.
As if to underline that possibility, there are the wonderful comments of one Gord, the owner of ‘Gamers Edge’ up in Canada. Although no longer running his store, he faithfully documented the daily fun encountered in his store.
From the introduction:

But the story was not yet over. For some time The Gord and I concurrently kept The Retail Faith. His Establishment maintained, surpassed and soon eclipsed mine in sheer Consumer Idiocy. Tales were told that begged disbelief. “No one,” we thought, “Is really that stupid.” But the stories continued, and the cries of the wretched grew louder and more plentiful. The stories were true: The Gord had become an Owner in Hell. Witness after Witness held forth tales of lunacy and mental vacuousness.
I knew him as Gord. These were his stories..


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One thought on “Some light browsing for the day

  1. Gord’s retirement has taken him to Korea. While his adventures aren’t nearly as frequent, he still finds time to take some pictures and sharpen his wit.
    Heck, he inadvertantly threw gasoline on the Korean/Japanesse smoldering just by taking pictures, once. 🙂
    Anyway – Forums

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