Cool Google Maps toy du jour.

This is a cute little toy. Kayak Buzz lets you type in an airport code, and it’ll show you, on google maps, a list of discount tickets radiating out from that airport, color coded based on price. This includes international flights. Nifty.
I’m honestly not sure about the usefulness of this. The listing of the flights available is nice, and it’s great for looking up “Hmmm, I think I’d like to go somewhere this weekend”, but the map is somewhat hard to view on a reasonable scale. Though the slider for eliminating things based on price is verrahnice.
Thanks to Ringel for the pointer.


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One thought on “Cool Google Maps toy du jour.

  1. Wanna fly somewhere?

    :Dave: posted a link to this and I finally got around to looking at it… Kayak Buzz. You put in the Airport code you’re leaving from and it’ll find flights all over the place and let you pick where you…

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