MythTV Project Update. Disk space!

Here’s a quick update to my project to build and run a MythTV box.

Today saw what is most likely the last bits of setup on the disk storage. Thanks to a fortuitous woot at, the main drive is now a 250gig WDC ATA drive. That, coupled with the 40gig drive we originally isntalled on, and a ‘portable’ 160gig external drive, brings us to the awe-inspiring:

Filesystem            Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on
/dev/hda1             2.6G  2.0G  459M  82% /
/dev/hda3             4.1G   24K  4.1G   1% /cache
/dev/hdb1             233G   18G  204G   8% /myth
/dev/sda1             147G   43G   97G  31% /external
/dev/hda4              31G   33M   31G   1% /backups

It’s not quite half a terabyte. But it’s getting mighty close. And I remember the GLEE I had back in the day when I first got 2 hard drives working in my very own PC. 2 20 MEG (that’s megabyte) Seagate ST225 drives. I spent time just copying data from one to the other, just to see how fast it was.

This machine has over 10,000x the disk space of that old PC.

(I won’t mention the 1300x the amount of memory, and some absurd performance factor between a 8mghz V20-based PC and an AMD Athlon 1400.)

Special thanks, by the way, to Ben for doing a lot of the maintenance work on this box. I know he’s got some self-interest in seeing it all work, but he’s the one who finally installed the Big Drive, and got it configured properly, as well as the networking work that was required for remote access.


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