Google Pedometer – Another cool Google Maps hack

Yesterday while out here in Pittsburgh, my friend Barbara and I took a nice long walk around the park and streets around CMU, (pictures are here on Flickr). We were out for about 2 1/2 hours, walking through Schenley Park and parts of the campus. Naturally after we got back, I was curious how far we had actually walked.
Barb sat down with with the Gmap Pedometer and cranked out this course, which shows pretty closely the route we walked. Total distance? 4.35 miles. It seemed like longer, but as many have noted, Pittsburgh is hardly flat. We did a lot of up and down traipsing.
The Pedometer site is fantastic, though. I can see using this for planning out bike trips, hikes, measuring distances, anything you can point at a map and say “I walked from HERE to THERE!”.
Just for chuckles, since we tend to take sitewalks on our property in Berlin, I measured how long a walk from the road to the top of the property and back was. Answer: 1.25 miles. A nice walk in the woods 🙂
Yay Google toys!


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