Seti@Home backlogged

Just as we were getting ready to kick those silly corporate folks out of the top slots in the seti stats, the seti@home project reports that things have backlogged in the mechanism for handing out new work and collecting completed work. This means many of the compute machines in our team have been idle a lot for the last 24 hours.
I don’t feel too bad, because that means that all the OTHER folks doign Seti@Home work are also idled, so our standings shouldn’t drop off. I have been having fun looking at how we’re holding up in the ‘world wide statistics’ system. When we started out a month ago, we were at the bottom of the heap. Since then we’ve climbed through over 2/3rds of all the teams, and now stand somewhere around position 9000. We’ve completed more work than almost 80% of all the teams in the project, and our current ‘work unit per day’ count is high enough that I think we’ll move into the top 1000 within a week or two.
This live banner comes from the BOINCstats site, and represents the current status of our team. Click on it to go to our team statistics as compiled by BOINCstats:
If you haven’t joined the team yet, and have a machine that is idle any length of time (say, a desktop machine that stays on when you go to work, or a work machine that stays on when you go home), please join our team!.
Update: Fixed some broken HTML. Sorry bout that.


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3 thoughts on “Seti@Home backlogged

  1. yep. i’m sitting on probably two dozen results to report (most on my office machine). i lost three or four on my home desktop from trying to manually reconnect to the server.

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