And then the other shoe dropped

… well, not necessarily a shoe, but gravity was definately involved.
Today through Saturday I’m down in NJ visiting ${client} and doing their X-mas party thingy. What better way to start a visit to your best client than.. to drop your laptop the night before leaving.
Yup, ‘hunter’ took a 3′ dive onto the floor on Wednesday night. Nothing immediately apparent broke, but I’m getting sporadic HD errors now – and fscking is not fixing them (so it’s most likely a calibration fault on the drive now). Generally, I have to consider this drive suspect, and swap it out asap.
In the meantime, linux is not booting cleanly, so I’m forced to use XP to at least do some blogging. A call to Lenova is scheduled for tomorrow to get a new drive sent out for me. I do have a clean backup of $HOME, so there should be no ‘loss’ other than time and productivity, but gosh what a pain in the buttski. Paraphrasing Rod Rescueman here… “bleah! ptui! feh!… I just upgraded this thing!”


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2 thoughts on “And then the other shoe dropped

  1. OUCH!
    yeah, but, you realize, that that could NEVER happen, if you weren’t going to need the laptop.
    if you were to say, take a 2 month vacation and not need it, it’s a given, that the laptop would not break,
    i lie to mine and tell it that we’re not goin to work tommorw. it’s silly, it usualy belives me

  2. I could never lie to my baby! 🙂
    Fortunately, my client has just supplied me witha replacement 40gig internal drive, as well as a new Xp distro CD and we’re downlaoding hre replacement Debian installer.
    Nuke from orbit, aye aye!

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