A glimpse into what I like, music-wise.

I generally don’t participate in online polls, intelligent ‘mixers’ that try to find out what sort of soda you like, or whatever. But music is such a big part of ‘who i am’, I think it’s interesting to share a little information.
I talk about Radioparadise all the time, as most of ya’ll know by now. I even interviewed the owner, Bill Goldsmith last year. The station not only has an outstanding music selection, but they have a great forum / commentary system that allows song ranking. You can also view your particular favorites (or most reviled tracks).
Today I took a look at my ‘best’ list – pieces I ranke a ’10’ that have come up in my, oh, 4 years or so of listening. I don’t rank something a ’10’ unless I really mean it, and in 4 years, thousands upon thousands of songs listened to, i’ve only set a ’10’ on a handful. Here’s that list:

10 – Dave Brubeck Quartet – Take Five
10 – Dave Brubeck Quartet – Blue Rondo a la Turk
10 – Beethoven – Symphony No.5 – Allegro Con Brio
10 – Claude Ginsburg and Julie King – Waiting For Snow
10 – Paddy Milner – Unsquare Dance
10 – Nickel Creek – Smoothie Song
10 – Beethoven – Moonlight Sonata
10 – James Horner – Sing, Sing, Sing
10 – Pink Floyd – Wish You Were Here

The ‘9’ list is far longer. If you’re curious, here’s the link to my profile. The profile listing also has links to the albums and tracks themselves, so you can see how others ranked the track, as well as find out where to get the album.
I think my 10 list is a great cross-section of “What I like!” – better than I’d probably be able to relate if someone asked me the question on the street.


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