Firefox Shockwave plugin. What, it WORKED?

Wow. In Firefox 1.5 under Linux, I got tired of “You need a plugin to view this blah blah” messages, and, fully expecting to see a failure, i clicked on the box “FINE, tell me what’s missing.”
And Firefox happily said “Would you like to install the Macromedia Shockwave Plugin?” “Uh, yeah, sure.”
And 30 seconds later, it was installed and working.
Linux isn’t supposed to work this way, is it?


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3 thoughts on “Firefox Shockwave plugin. What, it WORKED?

  1. When I go and look for a shockwave player/plugin, it tells me there is none for my system and doesn’t list any linux support at all…
    WTF you using, Willis?

  2. Fascinating. Do you have any info on what package you got from macromedia? As I say, they seem to utterly fail to acknowledge any linux support whatsoever that I can find.

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