A bit of levity…

My wife and her family introduced me what apparently originated as a radio announcers test; the “One hen, two ducks, three squawking geese, four limericking oysters…” etc etc etc…
On a local list I’m on, a fellow has posted a version he remembers from some late night convention chitchatting. I thought it was enough of a hoot to post. He can’t remember the originators, but it came together ‘somewhere in the late 80’s or early 90’s’…

One Cat
Two Kittens
Three Rat Shack Salesmen
Four Blue Polyester Power Suits
Five Pairs of Pink Painted Plastic Chopsticks
Six Sets of Genuine Leather Seatcovers for Honda Civics
Seven Shrieking Skinhead Shoplifters, Shamelessly Shanghaiing Shiitake Mushrooms
Eight Inspective Dejected Detectives, Hurling Invective Receptive to Corruption AND
Nine GrecoRoman Endocrinologists, Detained in a Dark Alley for impersonating Clogged
Saxophones. BADLY.
Ten Bewitched and Befuddled Bobblers Blindly Babbling Blank Verse and Meaningless
Metaphors without regard for the US RDA.
Eleven Elements of Doubt, fiendishly induced by the exchange of syllables, (the introduction
of?) ex-ex-extra phonemes, and the addition of an entire consituent.


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5 thoughts on “A bit of levity…

  1. Yep, that was us. Nits:
    – its “pink painted plastic” chopstcks.
    – Eleven Elements of Doubt, *fiendishl* Induced…
    only 2 ex’s, “ex-ex-extra” phonemes
    I’m kid of amazed that anoyone else still carries it in their brain.

  2. phil adds some corrections…
    Thank you Phil! Can you comment on the last bit (‘the introduction of?’) – that’s still in question.
    All the other changes have been applied. Thanks!

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