Google Local Maps – but not for Palm

Glen Daniels write a post about Google Local Maps, a mapping service for ‘smartphones’. I was fairly excited about the prospect, until I realized that said service is only available for platforms that support the J2ME environment, as well as Blackberry devices.
Not Palm.
I’m blown away by this, but I suppose it’s another stake in the heart of the Palm platform. J2ME is ancient technology, has been around since the dawn of virtual machines. Why doesn’t the Treo have support for it natively? The newer ‘smartphones’ are getting more functionality, more applications, and better support than established and IMHO more useful platforms such as the palm.
Convergence my ass.
Edit 4/3/06 – A small update, the J2ME MID library is available for the Treo, but folks are having mixed success. I’m apparently not the only one disappointed in the lack of Treo support.


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