GeekState 1.1

After a week of whining about things broken and whys, this has been a day or two of resolution and fixing, so lets put some positive things down on the Geekscale…

  • MythTV
    The MythTV box has been resurrected. Thanks to the joy that is KnoppMyth, and the foresight to put all my ‘file storage’ (music, movies, games, etc) on secondary drives, I was able to rip out the blown drive and drop in a spare 20gigger, and have it up and running in no time.
    Oh, and half a terabyte of storage? Kicks.

    dbs@deathstar:~$ df -h
    Filesystem            Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on
    /dev/hda1              17G  2.3G   14G  15% /
    /dev/hdb1             233G  137G   85G  62% /myth
    /dev/hdd              230G  198G   21G  91% /myth2
  • WinXP
    Thanks to Barb’s help, the WinXP box has been rebuilt. Or reinstalled. or something. We waved an XP installer CD at it, and said “Thou shalt rebuild yon self!” – naturally, this didn’t even come close to ‘just plain working’. There’s a whole nother series of rants on the idiocy that is the WindowsXP operating system – suffice to say, at one point I had to boot said KnoppMyth CD on the Windows box _JUST_ to find out what sort of video board I had via lspci. Cuz. Ya know. Windows cant’ just TELL you. That would be… uh. Something.
  • Eclipse
    So, that problem with the ‘Array out of bounds’? Turns out that WTP doesn’t like if you’ve not defined any servers for deployment, and the WebServices WSDL builder gets really ticked off without any targets at all. That was easily fixed. Alas, my workspace (Eclipses’ term for where you do configuration, have projects checked out, etc), finally got too confusing to debug, so we’re trashing and starting over. Fortunately, everything is in Subversion, so there’s really nothing lost. Folks on the Eclipse support channel have been great.

All in all, not too shabby. I can almost feel my productivity coming back to normal! Now, hm, I wonder how my Eve character is doing…

Sidenote – when I was but a young geek, I regularly read Steve Ciarcia’s ‘Circuit Cellar‘ in Byte magazine. Every month he’d talk about all the cool projects he had around the house – stuff he was building, things that worked, things that didn’t. I thought it was one of the coolest lifestyles around. I suspect I’m slowly, inexorably, following in his footsteps. Cept he was a better writer. 🙂


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3 thoughts on “GeekState 1.1

  1. I am in fact aware of MAKE magazine. There’s some great hack projects there that are wonderful. I regularly read sites like Engadget for ‘what’s shiny and new’ and Hack A Day for “what are other people hacking on?” Freedom to Tinker is another good one.
    I’m not quite at that level of hacking up my own hardware, I’m a higher-level tinkerer right now. 🙂

  2. Mmm
    Make magazine is having a con in San Mateo next weekend. I’m really thinking of hittin it.
    I guess I’m a pretty low level tinkerer because I’m totally into stuff like that.
    I’m also diggin Ready Made magazine. Popular Mechanics 2006!
    It’s hard to keep Josh and Ted from constantly rebuilding much of what we have here…

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