Fox News Questionable Business Practices?

One of the functions of my blogging software is to keep an eye on who is posting comments to the blog, and where they come from. Over the last few months, I’ve been seeing several posts of this variety showing up, always pointing to Fox News, and having -nothing- to do with the topic being replied to.

A new comment has been posted on your blog Planet Geek!, on entry #2674 (10 Years Ago...).
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<A HREF=",2933,193083,00.html">Zarqawi:
'What Is Coming Is Even Worse'</A>
this is so scary - cannot believe this...

This is obviously spam, something bloggers are well used to (we use various measures to block spammers). Blogspam’s purpose is to raise the google ranking of the target site by providing more links to it. It’s somewhat the bane of bloggers in general, though most blog software has decent countermeasures, but traditionally, these types of spam were promoting sex enhancement drugs (real or fake), or the like. However in this case, it’s a known, established, and high profile business. Fox news.

I can’t think of any legitimate reason a comment like this would be posted to my blog. I’m assuming Fox has hired some marketing company to up their news ranking, and the marketing company is resorting to blogspam to accomplish their goal. Heads up, Fox, this is not the way to do business, and will get your site banned from commentary pretty quickly.


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