Giving a bit back.

Back when I first started doing conventions, I wrote up a series of pages on how to convert iOpeners into X-Terminals. The idea was “this is a great way to get low cost terminals for your computer network”. I know the page gets a reasonable amount of traffic, but I rarely notice except for seeing it in the traffic reports.
This morning I got mail from a fellow in Malawi saying he was in the process of collecitng iOpeners and using them for low cost terminals in hospitals there, and had some questions about the setup. He was very appreciative of what I had published and said it was instrumental in getting them up and running. He was even using the boot image I had generated.
I happily helped him out with an install problem. Reminded me a lot of the old Usenet days “Hey, I know of a guy who did that. Drop him some mail, he’ll help ya out!”


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