I Am Returned!

Back from phase 2 of my whirlwind tour of east coast points of interest. Zach and I just got in from attending the National Cohousing Conference in Chapel Hill, NC. Cat is staying an additional day to attend the board meeting on Monday, then returns tomorrow night.
We had a great time, flying down Thursday morning into SUMMER IN NORTH CAROLINA. Man we thought Boston knew how to whip up humidity. This stuff was like walking through tapioca. Fortunately, all the areas were air conditioned, so we only needed to get drenched when walking to or from the dorms. Or out for a meal. So, a mere 4-5 times a day.
Zach thoroughly enjoyed the plane and bus rides, and met up with some great kids at the conference, so for the most part we just saw him as an occasionaly blur zipping by while we were doing sessions or socializing. I of course helped run registration using CONGO, which would have gone better if, er, I had not left the server in Logan Airport while boarding the plane on Thursday. The Logan police have recovered it and it’s enjoying a vacation in their offices, but it sure did result in a scramble at the event on Thursday afternoon. Much of the hardware I brought with me wasn’t used (like the printers), but all in all we got most of the system running on my laptop.
Unfortunately, all of the UNC Chapel Hill campus (where the event was held) was without wireless access, so we were unable to get any laptops online. They did have ‘public access’ terminals in the student union we could do webmail on, but it was hardly convenient for blogging and socializing online. Guess that was sort of the point, huh?
I have many pictures and other bits to share, and in 5 days we all leave again for a reunion at Simons Rock in Great Barrington, MA. Should be a nice weekend of music and socializing. Then I get a break for 2 weeks, and head down to Tampa for another convention. Summer 2006 is turning into quite the busy schedule.


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4 thoughts on “I Am Returned!

  1. Sounds like fun. After many years of pursuing Cohousing, I’ve given up on finding a community. Obviously, things are working much better for you and yours. I hope things go well.

  2. For the same reason I wasn’t interested in Homeport — I really really hate Boston. Even with the great people I know there, I don’t want to work or try to do business there.

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