Makes a Dad’s Heart Warm

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This is Zach after he assembled his first electronic circuit. Complete with switch! Talk about things to make my geek heart go pitterpatter. The kit is a sort of electronics simple-breadboard from You Do It, a local electronics store. $10 and a few dozen little simple experiments. He’s really enjoying it.



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2 thoughts on “Makes a Dad’s Heart Warm

  1. Awww! So, maybe you can send him my way so he can help me figure out this TiVo! Me + electronics = “where is my sledgehammer?”
    Nice photo of Z! Missing you all!

  2. Can you point me to a link on their website for the kit he’s using? My dear spouse sometimes says she must have missed the month in school where they covered electricity, and wants to learn, and as a certified electronics genius, I’m overqualified to teach her.

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