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I nudge about this occasionally, but here’s a quick reminder.
I have an active team using the BOINC distributed computing system called the Stonekeep General Computing Facilities. It’s a conglomeration of a dozen or so users with a few dozen machines running BOINC. These machines run distributed tasks that range from searching for extraterrestrial signals to analyzing protein structures. Cumulative computation statistics from all the team members are collected by BOINCstats and displayed against other teams around the world.
We’re trying to break into the top 1000 teams among the 52,000 currently registered with BOINCstats. Right now we’re hovering around the 1020-1025 mark:

If you’d like to join, download the BOINC client and join one of the active projects (I recommend Seti@Home (Listen for alien signals!) or Folding@Home (Analyze protein folding to help understand various diseases), or Rosetta@Home, a similar protein analysis project).
Do some good research -and- join a global project, and all you have to do is have a computer turned on.

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  1. Hey, in case you didn’t notice…
    688 Stonekeep Consulting General Computing Facilities 11 2,370.20 568,916.65 United States

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