Details about where CCP is going with Eve Online are being announced by the CEO at their 2006 Fanfest.

Some choice tidbits:

  • A Linux client is being ‘actively developed’, as well as a Mac client
  • Avatars are coming, so characters can walk around the stations. The avatars are fully dynamic, with eyes tracking other characters motions, etc.
  • A revamped graphical system supporting ultra-high end cards, while still supporting older platforms.
  • “Eve Mobile” – a client that can run on handheld computers allowing skill updates, trading, and EveMail.
  • Embedded Vivox client for voice chat



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2 thoughts on “OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG!

  1. Holy bats. I never heard of this.
    *hands in his geek credentials and scurries away with his clueless-journalist credentials intact*

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