Powertools and the bedroom

The end result!

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So yesterday we got notice that the new futon we had bought had arrived. It was only 5 minutes away by car, so we quickly scampered over to pick it up.

Since I was taking apart the bed anyway, I thought it would be a good time to follow through with a project I had been thinking about. While I liked the whole futon concept, I was really done with the “bed on the ground” thing, and wanted something I could actively sit on the side of. Mattress boxsprings and frames seemed silly – I already had a bed, I just needed to raise it up.

Futon frame under modificationOn with the power tools! The first step was to make the trifold kingsized frame rigid. It wouldn’t be sitting flat on the ground anymore, so it needed a way to support itself. Adding 3 2×3 stringers along the underside of the frame did that.

Next I needed to raise the whole setup. I added 9 posts to the bottom by connecting a 6″ piece of 2×3 to a 10″ 2×3, in a sort of ‘shelf’ arrangement. The bedframe sites on the smaller piece, and attaches to the side of the longer piece with a pair of heavy wood screws. With help from a visiting friend, we assembled the entire thing in about an hour.

After flipping it over and putting the mattress back on top, the entire arrangement is now easily flush with the window and sitting on it is quite comfortable. i can even see the TV while folks are playing games or hanging out. Hooray!

Oh, and a new futon mattress after being on the same one for 6 years? Priceless.


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4 thoughts on “Powertools and the bedroom

  1. Nice use of a MISLEADING TITLE.
    Yes, it is good to get the bed off the floor. I’ve had to do the “on the floor” thing too often in my cranky life and my 44-year-old back now demands that I have a chance to fall out of bed, rather than having to crawl to a doorknob.
    All hail TooBahFor, the God of Lumber!

  2. All hail TooBahFor, the God of Lumber!
    (course these were from his mischievous younger brother, TooBahThree, but I shan’t quibble)

  3. Yeah, I should have scrolled up, dag nabbit. I saw that AFTER the wittiness.
    Help us help those with post-witty regret. Please give generously now.

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