Bad Dell designers! No biscuit!

In many ways, working with clipper has been quite a joy. Everything works well, I only have to reboot once every 2-3 days (hey for Windows, that’s pretty good), and it’s pretty zippy.
But part of my job includes teleconferences every morning, which requires a headset. Headsets need to be plugged into the Mic and Speaker jacks.
Some Dell designer decided that:

  1. The jacks should NOT be color coded. Basic black works great for everything! I now know intuitively that the Microphone jack is toward the ‘back’ of the laptop.
  2. The jacks are NOT duplicated on the docking station. This is just daft. The docking station is supposed to be used to dock and undock the laptop with a minimum of hassle. NOW I have to plug and unplug my headphones -everytime- I dock or undock the laptop.
  3. And, of course, I situated the laptop to the -right- of my monitor stand, so it’s in the way whenever I need to do this. I blame Dell for that one too, while I’m at it.


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5 thoughts on “Bad Dell designers! No biscuit!

  1. USB headsets avoid the whole non-colour-coded issue. Surprised they’ve gone back to pure black though – my 2002 laptop is pure black on the connectors, but has white pictures next to each one indicating the function. Must be a cost-saving excercise – coloured plastic must be expensive or something.

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