A quick bracelet


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Oddly enough, Zach is the one who asked for this. I just finished stocking up my chainmail box so i could start doing some more interesting work using aluminum rings, and using anodized rings for color. Zach asked if I could make him a quick bracelet, so I whipped this one up in about 20 minutes.

Working with aluminum (as opposed to the steel I normally use) is on the one hand refreshing. It’s much softer and lighter. On the other hand, it’s not particularly strong, so anything that takes tension will deform pretty easily. It’s okay for jewelry, but I’m not going to make armor with it.

After finishing this piece, I decided to post a picture of it, and thought “what the hey”, and posted pictures of all the other pieces I’ve done for people. They’re now up on Flickr in a full set.


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6 thoughts on “A quick bracelet

  1. Nice! I learned the basics of chainmail years ago and always wanted to do more but other things kept happening first. Where would you recommend buying some jumprings? Or do you make your own?

  2. Nah, I buy them online. Best supplier I’ve found is The Ring Lord (nice name, eh? – crummy looking site, but he has -everything- and their service has been excellent).
    We’re doing a crafty thing this Saturday, you could come by and bend rings for a while!

  3. Wow, pretty! Where do you get the aluminum? Ed, my partner, makes chainmail (though it’s been a few years). Clearly I should get him doing it again so he can make me some pretties! 🙂

  4. I saw it and it’s tempting, but this weekend I need to stay local and do move-related things. I’d love to some other time, though. 🙂

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