Redhat geekery and, of course, swag!

Photo_120706_001Got to attend a Redhat presentation today on virtualization. They were pushing a lot of very interesting stuff, and while the marketing drivel was in fact kept to a minimum, they did pitch RHEL5 pretty hard, as well as their relationship with Intel.
Of course, the important stuff is the SWAG! Today’s haul was a 256meg stainless pen drive – all in all, one of the better bits I’ve seen at presentations. It’s stocked with all the presentation data, so that’s nice, and it’s sort of pretty.
I have to admit, part of the goal of this was successful with me. The stuff going on with Xen and RHEL is pretty impressive, including cluster management and ‘paravirtualization’ (basically environments that realize they’re virtualized, and can be managed easily via standard API’s). Moving forward on platform design for my clients and for my own hosting stuff, I’ll take RHEL into serious consideration (and not just because they said at the meeting here that RHEL5 will be Yum based, not up2date).
The drawback is that the Xen stuff doesn’t really support Windows as virtual guests. For that I’ll need to focus on VMware. (The other option is naturally Microsoft Virtual Whatever, which, in my experience, has been frighteningly unstable and buggy. I can’t boot my Kubuntu CD into it (installation locks up), and I’ve had serious keyboard issues even trying to configure the installer. I’ll hold off on a full rant against this until I’ve tried vmware, but at the moment, I’m unimpressed with Virtual PC.


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One thought on “Redhat geekery and, of course, swag!

  1. VMWare server is pretty decent – beats workstation simply because you can use the vmware console tool from anywhere in the world (though it is a bit slow over an ADSL uplink 🙂 to access the console of the running VM. Performance on server isn’t bad either – I use it heavily for development, as my workstation is kubuntu, but $dayjob’s product is CentOS. We also use it to run multiple instances of our product on a single Win32 server, providing a hosted facility for customers.
    I’ve also managed to get Solaris 10 for x86 to install in VMware Server – beats trying to find a bit of hardware.
    Oh, your typekey integration seems to get forgotten when I click post 🙁 I sign in, write the comment, click post and it says my email is missing, would I like to sign in with typekey…

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