In which our hero succumbs…

My Wish ListOh fine. I finally broke down and did it. I realized that I had a couple places where I was posting sort of “wishy” lists. Movies I was looking for, other toys. But, ya know, there’s a perfectly good site for managing wishlists for DVDs and books.
So, without further delay, I give you… my wishlist. Clicky on the graphic to view in all it’s geekiness. Do with it what you will.


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One thought on “In which our hero succumbs…

  1. Neat List: We’re familiar with nearly all the items on your List but our Faves (and ones we actually now own) include the following (in our personal bestest-to-best order):
    “Fireflyâ€?; “Serenityâ€?; “Cabaretâ€?; “Breakfast At Tiffany’sâ€?; “Pirates2â€? – oh yes, the Canon Camera is *very* impressive (maybe we’ll put it on our own WishList – right after the 50â€? plasma and new laptop). 🙂

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