Arisia is nearing its membership cap. Register!

A reminder to all my sundry friends – Arisia is this weekend. Due to the hotel change, there is a membership cap in force, and we’re getting close to it. If you don’t pre-register, there’s a very good chance you will not be able to buy a membership on site!
So in the name of all that’s good, register!
This has been a public service ranty announcement.
For those who have been asking, yes, I’ll be working registration, but this year I’m not actually heading it up. So I will have time away from the reg desk to socialize, play, and generally have a good time. Might be a first for me! Mad props to Jasra and Sarah for all their intense work.
I’ll also be helping Blk with her dealer room, where she’ll be doing custom hairbraiding, as well as showing off some of my chainmail. Stop by the room on Dealers Row.

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6 thoughts on “Arisia is nearing its membership cap. Register!

  1. I had to cancel this year-have extra fun for me!
    (I hate to be a pedant, but you mean
    Arisia is nearing its membership cap. Register!, right?

  2. I think “it’s” is correct, as “it” (noun) is in place of the place name (noun), and the “‘s” is to indicate posession ( the membership)
    However, I will accept it if I am wrong…
    apostrophe (uh-pos-truh-fee)
    A mark (‘) used with a noun or pronoun to indicate possession (“the student’s comment,â€? “the people’s choiceâ€?) or in a contraction to show where letters have been left out (isn’t, don’t, we’ll).

  3. sah: Nope! Although it’s a terribly common mistake to make, because it seems totally sensible. “Its” is, I believe, the only possessive that does not take an apostrophe, because “it’s” -always- stands for “it is.” Here is a quick guide to make it clear.

  4. Oh English; the dang exceptions.
    I see now.
    The possessive pronouns:
    Other posessives that don’t take an apostrophe:
    personal pronouns
    his hers its ours yours theirs whose

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