Chilly in Boston!


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Yes, that display really does say ‘9 F’ – 9 degrees fahrenheit. That was at 10pm tonight, on the way back from band practice. It seems to be holding there, the thermometer here at home is showing 10 degrees outside.

One thing this does remind me of is how important a house that has a decent building envelope is. Right now our (rented) house leaks like a sieve. I durned near froze my tootsies off last night as our room temperature probably hit the high 40’s overnight. My fingers were -cold- when outside the blanket. When I finally dragged myself out of bed this morning, the in-house thermometer in the hall happily said ’58’, and this after the sun had been up for 2 hours.

Today Catya picked up a couple small ceramic room heaters – much as I hate using electricity to heat, the alternative was unacceptible.

Fortunately, Mosaic is building things with a very GOOD building envelope, so even on the coldest days, we’ll be able to keep up. This house has a perfectly fine large oil heater in the basement, and baseboard heating all throughout, but that furnace cannot keep up with the amount of heat loss poor (I’m suspecting _ZERO_) insulation, and badly designed structures allow through.

I can’t wait to move.


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2 thoughts on “Chilly in Boston!

  1. & maybe parachutes on the ceilings filled with packing peanuts? (Or something less ‘creative-recycling’?) This is a win on my second floor, which has the ceiling and then a flat roof, with not even any attic/crawlspace to put in ‘real’ insulation if I wanted to.

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